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"the biggest Northern Pike we ever caught"

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Fishing In Georgian Bay
Bob Izumi is coming fishing to Diamond Key Lodge! May 2009!

Bob Izumi at Diamond Key Lodge

We are delighted that Bob, Wayne and the Izumi team came to Diamond Key Lodge this spring.  They were filming footage for a future television episode.  What we can tell you is that they are as genuinely nice as you have imagined.   Gracious with their time, they sat with our guests and could not have left a better impression.  Simply wonderful to have them visit us.   For two days, the Key River was buzzing with the news.
Oh yes, and the fishing ...  well no surprise, they caught them too!  Stay tuned ... pictures to follow.
For more information on Bob, check out

Fishing is probably “the” reason you are coming to Diamond Key. The mouth of the Key River is one of the most productive fisheries in Ontario. With the thousands of Islands, Inlets and weed beds the access to bait fish is enormous. As a result, the size and quantity of big fish are pretty famous here. Some of the best fishing is right near Diamond Key, so you do not have to travel far for your catch. Check out our Map section for a detailed view. Our location, on the Georgian Bay in Ontario, has a great fishery with a rich diversity of species.  Whether you are fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass or Muskie, there are well known areas and the possibility of catching trophies is very real; just look at the pictures of recent catches on the website – or visit the log books at the lodge. We hope you can join us in experiencing the feeling of a real Ontario fishing lodge, where the emphasis is on a relaxed stay, great fishing and outstanding scenery.

We will provide you with a map of the best spots and provide you with advice – trust us. The best part is that there is no need to go into the open water for the best fishing. Many of the “hot spots” are in the protected inner islands – which are also beautiful. Shore lunches are encouraged and we can provide you with the necessities.
As a bonus, we run an annual Fish master Contest, where you can win prizes. We keep a high speed computer with a plasma screen, so you can upload your pictures and brag to friends; if you wish, we can burn you a CD before you go for lasting memories.

Our area of the Georgian Bay is called the 30,000 islands, and for good reason. This rock and pine landscape allows for incredible structure and a very productive fishery. Based at the lodge, you can fish from North of Britt, Henvey, Key River, Sand Bay, Pickerel, Fox Bay ... all the way to the French River. For those who bring their own larger boats, we are only eight miles from the Bustard Islands.

Hope you can join us as the fishing is great.


Catch and Release Policy

At Diamond Key, we are lucky to catch many trophy sized fish. What many people don’t know is that most trophy sized fish are females. Since we love our fishery, we have implemented a catch and release policy on trophy sized fish. If you take a look at our photo and video pages, you will see why we want to protect the females that breed for the next generation of trophies!

Policy for Northern Pike:
We would ask that you release any Northern Pike that are over 37 inches in length.
This policy does not apply to Northern Pike that are less than 37 inches long as they are
great for eating. Actually, 3-5 lb Pike are very tasty and Chris can show you how to filet them.

Policy for Walleye:
Walleye limits are controlled by The Ministry of Natural Resources slot limit system based on size.
The Ministry has really helped us maintain an incredible average size for our Walleye - big and fat!

Policy for Bass:
Bass season does not start until the end of June. However, during the spring, the Male Bass
protect their nests and will often hit large Pike Lures or anything that moves.

Policy for Muskie:
Even during the Muskie season, a Muskie must be 53 inches to keep. Given their size and
aggressive fight, they often get exhausted being reeled in. Please ensure you spend the
time to resuscitate them before releasing them.

You will know if one of these bad boys is on your line!

Download our Catch and Release Policy here.


A Personal Note From the Silverthornes

Please trust that we want you to have an amazing fishing experience.
We are simply implementing these “house rules” because we love the fishery.

Thank you for understanding why we wish to preserve our incredible fishing waters.

Cheers. Chris and Ann Silverthorne

Download our Catch and Release Policy here.


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