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For rates and availability, please contact us at diamondkeylodge@gmail.com or call us at (905) 961-4575.

Our rates depend on the cabin size & time of year; they range from $2,000 + taxes for a week.
We love animals. Friendly quiet dogs are welcome at a cost of $80/ night per dog. Please pick up after them.

Please be aware that our location is a natural habitat of the Massassagua rattle snake. While they are timid and do not look for trouble, they are venomous. In the event of a bite (human or pet), take liquid Benadryl and seek medical attention in Parry Sound immediately!

We have included our rates and information in the following brochure:

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Cabins & Lodge at Diamond Key Lodge
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We are known for our wonderful hospitality and will ensure you have a great stay at Diamond Key.
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