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Walking Trails at Diamond Key

Ever go fishing or Kayaking and feel like the need for a good walk? After a great meal, it is just nice to get the legs moving.  

At Diamond Key, you are in luck. We are blessed with the talents of Graeme Kilgour. Graeme has worked in the outback of B.C. and is experienced at creating non-intrusive trails. In a few spots, Graeme has used some recycled boards as ramps, but the vast majority is natural trail. Using the natural contours of the land, he has created a 5km loop at the back of the property. Simply put, it is stunning. You will walk through the rocks and discover two in-land lakes, beautiful vistas and an abundance of wildlife. Graeme has followed some natural migration trails to create an extra experience that you will rarely find at a fishing camp.

While there are no major climbs, the footing does vary from Granite to wooded wildlife environments, so wearing running shoes or hiking boots is advised. 
This trail is not just for hikers.   Last year, we found that it was a great time for families to go for a walk, for teenagers to get away (laugh) and for kids to experience what it is like to walk on the Canadian Shield.   The combination of lakes, pines and marsh is a true representation of our ecosystem and vegetation.   The fact that Graeme has made the trail provides a flow, so you won’t get lost.

We yet to have a guest who has not said “wow, now this is beautiful”!

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