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Fishmaster Contest at Diamond Key

So you think you can fish.  No, you know you can fish.   You put in the hours, have done the research and have all the gear.  Well, this contest is for you.   Fortunately, the fishing is great so you don’t need to take it that seriously, but we decided to have a contest anyways.   Truth is that some of the biggest Pike, Walleye and Bass are caught by beginners.   Is this luck or are they just relaxed?


Applying is simple.  Simply take a digital picture of your Pike, Walleye, Bass or Muskie (not going to win with a pan fish). Come back to the lodge and you can upload your picture to our computer on the spot and we will update immediately to our web site at At the end of the year, we will determine the most impressive fish. One catch, in order to be eligible for the contest, the fish needs to be released; this is a catch and release fishing tournament. If you choose to keep your catch, that is fine, but you cannot be eligible for the tournament. Our season opens in May, so the tournament runs from May until the end of September. Not exactly a full fishing derby, but designed to keep you on your toes, promote catch and release fishing and have some fun.

Winner receives bragging rights and a prize pack!

So come hunt a record Pike, Walleye, Bass or Muskie.  

Thanks for thinking of Diamond Key for your next fishing trip.


Catch and Release Policy

At Diamond Key, we are lucky to catch many trophy sized Northern Pike.   What many don't know is that most large Pike are females.    Since we love our fishery, we have implemented a catch and release policy on Northern Pike.   If you take a look at our FishMaster Contest page, you will see why we want to protect those that breed for the next generation of trophies!

This policy does not apply to Northern Pike that are less than 8 lbs (they make great eating).    We offer six loaner digital cameras so you can take lots of pictures and then release the fish.   Don't forget to apply for the honour of earning the FishMaster contest.

Walleye and Bass are controlled by a slot limit system based on size.  This has really helped us maintain an incredible average size for our Walleye and Bass - big and fat! 

Thank you for understanding why we wish to preserve our incredible fishing waters.

If you need any clarification, please feel free to ask.

Thanks.  Peter

Download our Catch and Release Policy here.

Catch/Release Photos:

Finalist 1
Finalist 2
Finalist 3
Finalist 4
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Best Scenery
Best Scenery
Finalist 1
Finalist 1
Finalist 3
Finalist 4
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Download Fishmaster Information Brochure

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